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Kubrat Pulev: My goal is still the world title


“If I wanted the money I could have faced three guys like Anthony Joshua with my injury. This is just against what I believe in. I would not have let myself to fight in an olympic style for the world title. My ambition is to win the world title.” shares Kubrat Pulev at his first meeting with representatives of Bulgarian media after returning in his home country.

Partially torn pectoral muscle to his right armpit forced the national pride in heavyweight category to cancel his participation at the long awaited fight for the world title against Anthony Joshua on 28 October in Cardiff.

His decision provoked undesired critique which Pulev faced calmly with a smile:

“There was no way for me to be afraid of the fight. I wanted it. If I was afraid of it I would have tried to avoid it. Accusations like that don’t bother me at all. I haven’t even dreamt of money like that. Some people can’t earn that kind of money in a lifetime. My philosophy is different and the only thing that I am interested in is to recover in the right way, to heal completely and when I resume my training I would never have to feel that kind of pain again.”

Bulgaria’s best boxer cleared up over the specifics of his injury:

“I had to take a lot of medicine and my training time was spent like on a vacation. I stopped sparing, I tried only with my left hand but it didn’t work. My injury is quite specific and I have never experienced anything like it. I am feeling pain only in some punches and not all the time – when I do a right hand punch and uppercut. Since then I haven’t left the gym, to do a main physical preparation that doesn’t include my arm. This type of injury takes time, not surgery. According to doctors it needs 4 weeks.”

Kubrat Pulev is a intercontinental champion of the World Boxing Association and despite his injury is still the official contender of the world title. At his press conference he implied that his next fight is not impossible to be on American soil in Chicago in the beginning of 2018.

According to Pulev the fight between him and Anthony Joshua is just a matter of time:
“I am sure that I will win. I know what I can do, I am aware of my own strengths. Joshua is nothing more than me, even though he looks stronger and mightier. I have lots of qualities that I can beat him. It is important to prepare myself and to be confident in myself.”

On Friday in Chicago Kubrat will be right next to his brother Tervel who will be experiencing his first professional fight outside Europe.

Kubrat Pulev: Our paths shall cross again


“Over the last days I heard and read critique towards me, including from Anthony Joshua. More or less that my injury is just something minor and that cancelling the fight for the world title in Cardiff is just a whim. Each and every injury is different and cannot be compared with the injury of another. I was never a sissy. Just the opposite. I believe I tolerate pain and I am certain that I have fought with more injuries and health issues than Joshua has ever.” shares Kubrat.

He adds:
“When fighting Kevin Johnson I trained with a heal injury during the whole training which limited my mobility but I never said a word. When fighting Dereck Chisora I was experiencing high fever for 4 days leading up to the fight but I did not cancel it. My trainer asked me whether to cancel the match but I just answered that it would be an absurd and I will just have to deal with it.”

“The injury in the moment doesn’t let me prepare properly not to mention getting in the ring in that way. This is an injury that can lead to very serious complications. I understand that everyone want to have it easy but I will not let that happen. Just the opposite. I know that sooner or later our paths shall cross again and then I will be healthy and prepared and I will get in the ring to win.” says The Cobra.

Pulev is still the official contender


Despite his injury that forced him to cancel the fight for the world title in Cardiff, Kubrat Pulev is still the official contender for the most wanted title – the heavyweight.

This is the official statement of the International Boxing Federation. They are explicit that the Bulgarian boxer will not lose his spot in the world rang list and from now on it will be only a matter of time to be decided when will be the new date for Kubrat Pulev and Anthony Joshua’s match. Instead of Kubrat, Carlos Takam will get in the ring on 28 October – the #3 in the best boxer chart in heavyweight who is directly after The Cobra.

The only condition that Pulev has to take into account is that he will have to wait for the mandatory defend for Joshua’s belts from the other world federations. That process might take a few months.

Kubrat: If God decided it, so it shall be


Kubrat’s decision to cancel the fight for the world title in heavyweight category with Anthony Joshua in Cardiff on 28 October shocked the sport comunity and in just 24 hours after he shared about his injury he decided to make a statement to the media and his fans in his official facebook page.

“I am aware that the news about my injury and the fight cancellation for the world title with Anthony Joshua that followed shocked everyone. It wasn’t easy for me to make this decision. I know that given the chance probably everyone would chose to get in the ring in Cardiff and no matter what happens to get a few millions.” says Kubrat.

“Probably everyone but not me! In my life and my world not everything is about money. I learned that a man goes into battle to win. I figured out that no matter the circumstances in life people should not turn on his beliefs. Anthony Joshua should protect his world titles from healthy opponents and I am very happy that he now has one.” Kubrat adds.

“I am left with the same thirst for this fight and it is just a matter of time. Those kind of challenges make my heart beat strong and make me feel truly alive. In a week we tried everything to heal my injury but some things just don’t work out.” Kubrat says sharply. He will be healing for about a month according to his doctors in Germany.

“I take it as a sign of God. If that was His wish, then that was supposed to happen. I will continue being myself and not turn on my principles. A few million will not make me richer or happier. My wealth is the unconditional love that the Bulgarian people give me, they are my inspiration and meaning in everything I do. I am thankful for all the support and faith. That means a lot to me. Continuing forward.” finishes Kubrat.

Kubrat Pulev turned down the fight for the world cup


Kubrat Pulev turned down taking part of the long-awaited match for the world boxing cup in heavyweight category with his opponent Anthony Joshua. The fight was supposed to take place on 28 October in front of 80k spectators at Principality Stadium in Cardiff. The reason why the loved Bulgarian boxer refused to go through with the fight is an injury during training.

Torn pectoral muscle leading to his right armpit. This is what the medics have concluded after his echograph check up in a Berlin clinic. This kind of trauma takes a minimum of a month to heal. Pulev felt strong pain in his strong right hand during sparing with a partner in his camp in the German capital. Kubrat and his team decided to try to take it easy on the right hand but his condition worsened and the lack of proper training forced him to release a statement saying that he will not be getting in the ring in Wales.

“We tried everything. Unfortunately my condition is not letting me be ready for the fight in Cardiff. The only right decision is to cancel this match because there is a huge risk of complications and I am not willing to take it.” says The Cobra being faced with physiotherapy, rest and medical treatment.

Kubrat Pulev: The battle will be terrifying

Restrained. Serious. And calm. With no emotions showed. And less words said. But each word, said on the right place and on the right time. This is how Kubrat Pulev faced his first meeting with Anthony Joshua. Today they met for the first time. The place was “Principality Stadium”, the reason was their official Press conference, which was held in today in Cardiff, ahead of the world title match on October 28th. “We want this match. I work hard. I am very well prepared. Mentally and physically. I’m going in Cardiff to win. And I’m sure the fight will be terrrifying”, said Bulgarian boxing pride in the Heavyweight division. In Cardiff, Kubrat Pulev was in the company of his personal trainer Uli Wegner and his brother Tervel Pulev – the last medalist in Bulgarian olympic boxing – bronze at London 2012 games.

First Meeting Pulev – Joshua in Cardiff

The first official Press conference of WBA Intercontinental title holder Kubrat Pulev (26-25, 13 KOs) and the current world champion and winner of the WBA,IBF and IBO belts Anthony Joshua (19-19, 19 KOs) is scheduled for Monday (September 11th) in Cardiff.

Bulgaria’s sporting hero faces the Briton in a heavyweight world title battle on October 28th in the capital of Wales.The match between Pulev and Joshua will be held in front of 80 thousand people at the Principality Stadium,where the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus was played in the beginning of June this year.

Pulev Offered A Draw To Grandmaster Karpov

Kubrat Pulev offered a draw to Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov in a prestigious play session at the Supreme Judicial Council in Sofia. The event is part of the ongoing noble initiative of the magistrates: “More children on playgrounds, less children in court rooms”, in which the WBA Intercontinental Champion in Heavyweight Division and an official World title contender is a special guest. And received it.

“Grandmaster Karpov showed very good defense. He blocked everything and I could not see any gaps. There was no way for the game to continue and that’s why I offered him a draw on which he agreed as a gentleman”, said Pulev after his meeting with the winner of nine Oscar awards in chess and an absolute world champion for 16 years (1975-1985, 1993-1999).

For Kubrat this is second draw with a world-class grandmaster. In December, again at the Supreme Judicial Council in Sofia, and again, giving a example to Bulgarian kids that sport activities can educate and help them to grow up as a humble human beings, Bulgarian Heavyweight pride made another chess draw and with grandmaster and former world champion Veselin Topalov.

“We always have to be and to give an example. In other countries, there are more sport activities for children than in Bulgaria. Only by doing sport, we can keep away our children from danger of the street life and that must be a task for all of us, for Bulgaria society”, added Pulev, who is now waiting for final decision of the eventual rematch between Anthony Joshua and Vladimir Klitschko, from which depends when and against whom Pulev will fight for the world title.

Kubrat Pulev Has His Own 4-meter Graphite In Sofia

Kubrat Pulev has already his own 4-meter graphite, painted in his honor in home city Sofia. It is located on Simeonovsko shose Blvd and Ring Road and was opened today. Pulev’s “Company,” alongside his drawing, makes the fastest white woman in the world – the four-time European champion and four-time Olympics games participant Ivet Lalova. The sprinter’s graphite was officially opened today with the graphite of the WBA Intercontinental Champion. However, only Kubrat was able to attend at the ceremony.

The World Heavyweight contender has joined the company of some of the most prominent personalities in the history of Bulgarian sport, such as Stefka Kostadinova – Olympic Champion and World Record holder in High Jump, Valentin Yordanov – Olympic and 7-times World Free-style wrestling champion, Yordan Yovchev – four-time Olympic medalist, four-time world champion and European champion in artistic gymnastics and Evgenia Radanova – three-time Olympic medalist, double world champion and former world record holder, a 7-time European shorttrack champion.

“Thanks to the whole team, the artists, the organizers. I thank the Sofia Municipality for allowing them to make such good initiatives. Instead of leaving empty and ugly these places, it is much better to give people and Bulgarians the motivation to enjoy and to have more self-confidence, because it is needed”, said Bulgarian Heavyweight boxing pridev.

The series of graffiti of native athletes is inspired by the organization “Hungry for sport”, founded by Borislav Chakarov, who wants to motivate the young generation of Bulgaria to sport and give an example of strong characters and prominent winners of our time. The initiative is taking place with the assistance of Sofia Municipality and is part of the candidacy of Sofia for the European capital of sport in 2018.

Kubrat Pulev: I Know I Can Do More

Tonight, Kubrat Pulev will see the clash between Anthony Joshua and Vladimir Klitschko in London with a sense of well-done job. He was able to make a successful defense of the WBA’s intercontinental title and this gave him the seat of a mandatory contender for the world boxing peak. From now on, the only sure thing is that Pulev will have to box for the title of champion on the planet, and when it is possible to happen, where and against whom, is a matter where only time will give the right answers.

“I pray to the Lord to win the world title, but only with prayers it doesn’t work, I have to work really-really hard, I know that I have to put much more effort and effort into my goals, but I am motivated and ambitious. I know I can do much more,” said Kubrat. The night for the American ended in emergency room surgery, but a knockout was not recorded.

On this occasion, Bulgarian heavyweight pride commented:

“The most important was to claim the victory, the bout itself was not really beautiful, I wanted to knock him out, I played and tried till the last gong, but it was impossible to find the right shot, I could not find a way to his chin to take him down. This fight was a new experience and a step forward, and I was warned that the rival was tough and this was confirmed at the ring, and I did not feel Johnson dangerous at the end of the match, as I did at the beginning, but I did not have the right to take unnecessary risks.”

Statistics show that Kevin Johnson has been fighting against almost all the biggest in the heavyweight division and although he has not won, his career-knockouts are counting on fingers. Like with Kubrat, he endured 12 rounds against names like Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora and Vitaly Klitschko. With a knockout in the second round, he was rejected by the current world champion Anthony Joshua.

True to himself, Kubrat Pulev found a reason for self-criticism:

“Johnson struck me twice heavily, which I should not have allowed, but I’ve been abusing him all the time, and from the middle of the fight he was just looking for a way to hide and how to get away. Now I have a short break, soon we’ll make a serious analysis with my coach Uli Wegner, with whom we will make the necessary conclusions and as you know I like to say: we are going forward.”