The Art of Boxing

Boxing is considered as one of the three most ancient sports together with wresting and athletics. The first evidences of it are dating from the third millennium BC. The Archeologists have discovered relief of men, who are hitting each other with fists on the territory of ancient Mesopotamia. The sport has been know among the nations of Assyrian, Babylon and the Asian trips.

During the ancient Greeks Olympiads, boxing has been a part from the single combat pankatrion . In ancient Rome, the sport has acquired its own dimension. Over time, the bare hands of the fighters were wrapped in leather to safe their bones. The protectors developed in the first boxing glove – Cestus which was made of metal. Sometimes on the surface there are been placed even spikes. The weapon had been a favourite accessory for the gladiators.

Renaissance of boxing came in XVI century in England. Then competitions were began to be organized. The winner in which has received money. A hundred years later a London newspaper documented an official match. James Fig became the first known champion in history. He was crowned in 1719 . Exactly at this time the word “boxing” started to be used. The first official rules are presented by Jack Broughton in 1743. Till then, the matches have been without rounds and categories. Referees also were not required. Broughton, who has also been a champion, introduces the knockout. The match ends, if the brought down fighter is unable to continue the match after counting to 30. The hits are prohibited on a fallen opponent as well as the attacks bellow the belt. The first prototypes of boxing gloves are been introduced as well – the so called “maflars”. The second universal boxing rules were adapted in London in 1838. They are processed 15 years later. According to them the matches are held on a ring, enclosed by ropes. Its sides are 7.3 m each. The regulation for knockouts is confirmed, but with the addition, that the fallen boxer must stand up unaided within 30 seconds. The biting, headers, and the attacks below the belt are prohibited.

The most popular rules ever are introduced on behalf of the Marquis Kuinzbari. To this very day they bear his name. The duration of the rounds is fixed for three minutes. The break between them is 60 seconds. The time for the brought down boxers, to continue the match is reduced to 10 seconds. Officially are implemented gloves of a certain size. Up to huge extend these rules are valid even nowadays.

The first officially crowned world boxing champion is Jim Corbett – Gentleman. He defeats in 1892, other big name John Sullivan in the legendary match that takes place in New Orleans (USA).

The boom of the boxing occurs in XX century. With the years the number of categories increases. The sport is divided into two. The competitors who are not fighting for prize are called amateurs. They have the rights to present their sides on the Olympics. In these competitions the number of the rounds over the years varies between 3 and 4 . Currently men play three parts in three minutes. Fighters who receive emoluments for their fights at the rings are called professionals. They are not allowed to participate in the Olympics .

The duration of the matches in professional boxing has changed. In the beginning there were no fixed numbers of rounds. Gradually it falls to 20 and subsequently it comes to 15 per duel in which the world title is placed on pawn. The last change is from the mid of the 80’s of the last century. Then the maximum number of rounds is fixed to 12. The reduction is done to secure the boxers’ health.

Heavyweight is considered as the most prestigious. In it may participate boxers, who weigh over 200 pounds or 90.7 kg. over the years, world champions of the rang of Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Max Schmeling, Rocky Marciano, Mohammed Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and the Klitschko brothers become the most popular people on the planet.

After his debut in the professionals in September 2009 Kubrat Pulev showed that he has all the qualities to line up among the biggest names in this sport. The gained experience from the National team of Bulgaria, putting all the efforts in the trainings, the excellent tactical training and the convincing victories over the former competitors, are a guarantee that he is going in the right direction.